Getting closer…

I’ve had a few cranky days – my mood swings are crazy right now, up and down all the time, and have been hungry the past few days. Really looking forward to my re-feed on Saturday again, I need those carbs! That being said – some good news today as I passed my Personal Training Certification test!!  It feels great to have accomplished yet another goal I set for myself, and I’m motivated to continue my education and research about training and the body and apply it not only to myself, but hopefully to others who want to get in shape!

The past couple of days I’ve also had GREAT sessions at the gym – yesterday was hamstrings and glutes, today back and abs, and I am getting stronger, yay! I know I can’t build much more mass now until my competition, but will focus on staying where I’m at body composition wise. Pauline, my fabulous coach, told me yesterday that my shape is excellent – I think I am still floating on air from that comment, hahaha… but she also said I should not get leaner, that if I do I can get that depleted and drawn look but focus on building and filling out, so I can get a more “figure” shape.  My big concern is my legs – they are still puny and “fatty” but I have seen some development the past couple of weeks where I’m starting to take some sort of shape and filling out a bit. Here is  a photo from last night of the “problem area”:

This photo also reminds me I need to start tanning soon so I can begin to get an idea of how I will look on stage, compared to other contestants. Lately, my motivational thinking and sentence I tell myself every day to go HARD in the gym is “Somewhere out there, someone is trying to work out harder than I am and prepping more than me for this show – and no, that ain’t gonna happen!!!” So I eagerly go to the gym, eat my oatmeal, cabbage, yogurt and cottage cheese – all of which I LOVE by the way, and feeling more and more grateful each and every day that I get to experience this journey and watch my body improve!

5 thoughts on “Getting closer…

  1. A COMPLIMENT from Pauline….that’s when you know you’re on the right track ’cause she’s like the voice of God! That being said I think I am curious about your statement, “…I can’t build much more mass now until my competition…” What does that mean exactly? You can’t/don’t want to build more mass until closer to competition time?

    1. Hi Elizabeth! My point about muscle/mass building is that it takes TIME – much more time than leaning out or slimming down. Of course I want to build more mass, I definitely need it, but realizing that I can’t get where I ideally want to be in such a short period of time… That being said, this competition is just a vehicle to continue my goal of perfecting my body, so I’m ok with it and will have fun participating regardless! 🙂

  2. Since we are on the subject of muscle mass, I happened to see the Superpump and SizeOn on the website I got my protein powder from. I had never heard of the nitric oxide before and am wondering how much of a difference have you notice since starting to take them?

    1. Mikalea, Personally I really like these two products for what I’m doing and my goals and situation is. I’m hesitant to recommend supplements to anyone without knowing their goals, background/bloodwork, etc. and supplements should never be relied on as a “magic pill”. I think most results are achieved by hard work in the gym and a clean/strict diet, of which I know you have but my point is that these supplements don’t all of sudden get you ‘huge’ or transform you overnight. I like to us the SizeOn during my heavier workout for larger bodyparts such as leg days and also shoulder and back, and the Superpump as a combination of getting me energy on days when I am lacking and need that extra boost. All in all, I love Gaspari’s product – moreso for you I think I would recommend their MyoFusion whey protein powder if you haven’t had it already. The taste of their protein powders are superior to any I’ve had on the market. Hope that helps! 🙂

  3. Thanks Sunny. I was more curious as I hadn’t heard of the nitric before and have little knowledge on the creatine as well. I also agree that taking these supplements randomly without a set purpose is no good, I think one can get caught up with all the marketing hype. Found more info about creatine especially for endurance sports at Dr. Colgans site and like you he said there is no point taking it as the body for an endurance runner doesn’t use it as a primary source of fuel.
    I’ve pretty much lost the weight so now I need to start sculpting my tummy to get that six pack showing. Hopefully, I have kicked this bug finally and can get into my training again,.
    Cheers! 🙂

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