Science of re-feeds and mood swings

After this past weekend’s re-feed I finally had a decent weight gain, but for the first time, I didn’t go back down the 2nd day, I went UP another pound!! Quickly I emailed Pauline (my mentor and online coach) who re-assured me that this is completely normal. Plus she poo-pooed my ‘measly’ gain of 4.5 lbs (only a little over 2 kilos!) and said that I’m probably growing more muscle now, and that my muscles are becoming better at storing glycogen. What happens is that when you start re-feeding, most will go to heat expenditure first, then develop into more glycogen.  She re-assured me that after 3 days I would be good – and boy was she right! From yesterday to this morning I’ve dropped FIVE POUNDS – it’s incredible! Since I’m such a ‘virgin’ still to the re-feed concept, I can’t help but be amazed at how you can manipulate your body and tweak it even more.

Because I’m getting leaner now, I’ve been struggling with some mood variations – one day I feel on top of the world, only to feel like crap the next and that’s when the doubt starts to creep in. I’m not making any progress, every effort at the gym is useless, etc. I have to remind myself that it will get tougher and tougher to see results, the more fit you become, and I still have a lot to learn in getting to know my body and how it reacts to certain things. At the gym, I am now focusing more on ONE body part at the time, and working that one part harder and heavier than ever before, and as a result I get tired out more easily but it’s a great feeling in the end! As I’m getting closer and closer to show time, it’s becomes more and more important how I spend my time at the gym, how much time, and also how I choose to feed my body, how much, when, what, etc.  I am just grateful I am beginning to learn the complex science of the body and that, although I might now see it daily or even weekly now, I’m improving my physique and becoming fitter, stronger and leaner along the way!

4 thoughts on “Science of re-feeds and mood swings

  1. I am glad you are sharing your experiences with the refeed as the first time I ate a bit more I definately freaked out after and as a result last week scaled back and stuck to my usual foods. I am still trying to lose fat so we are at different stages for sure. The cold weather also plays havoc on me as far as being more hungry and moody and seeing less results due to all the layers of clothing I wear. Haven’t seriously tried losing weight since my twenties when I was oh so messed up, so it is a bit daunting mentally, but I am seeing some results so I am not going to stop until I get where I want to be. On the good news side I found a web site for all supplements and high quality protein powder that is actually cheaper than the stores and the ship free of charge so am stocked about that. Not to mention this is by far the best protein powder I have tried and so yummy.
    So it is great that you are sharing your experiences with diet and workouts.

  2. Thanks Mikaela for your note! Please remember that re-feeds work best for people with very little weight to lose (which I believe you have) and also you need to be very strict about your regular diet on all the other days in order for re-feeds to have the maximum effect. I did a small re-feed last night/only for dinner because I felt my body needed it, I was run down and took a day off from the gym (which never happens, but I need to get better about taking some rest days!) and it definitely helps!! Protein powders are great – and glutamine too for you who run a lot, it helps with your immune system.

  3. It is funny, we know that sometimes you get better results by taking a day off yet it is so hard. I felt guilty Wednesday for not doing my second workout but I was sore from my boxing tapes and tired. The idea of only working out 5 days makes me feel like a lazy slacker although in my mind I know it is sometimes necessary for an extra off day.
    My protein has glutamine but I might look at getting a separate one and also creatine next time I order.

  4. The minute you start feeling “guilty” for not working out, you must examine our motives- I feel personally that the days I don’t go I am slowing myself down towards reaching my goals, but that is simply not the case. The body does need rest, and if we deprive it of that, that’s where stagnation, injuries, etc. come in.
    I would say you don’t need creatine if you are not lifting weight – creatine gives you strength, glutamine more for immune system but is also a good addition to getting more energy I would say.

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