New week and 12 weeks out!

Up 3.5 lbs today to 136 after my re-feed yesterday – I feel almost proud of myself for finally gaining some decent weight, lol! I did have some gummy bears at the movies last night (felt like I was cheating, which I in a way was, although the sweets were factored into my calories of course) and then finished with some fat free frozen yogurt, after having eaten a huge bowl of oatmeal in the morning with banana, and strawberries, had fresh cherries in the afternoon with some fiber one oat bars and sushi for dinner. I think I will start doing more just healthy /wholesome carbs starting this weekend, starting to feel the pressure now, as it’s less than 3 months to my competition – yesterday I was 12 weeks out! While I by no means need to “rush” my diet as I’ve been religiously sticking to the Fighter Diet for over a month now and before that was very good too, I do feel more pressure to go harder in the gym. Muscle doesn’t build as quick as fat comes off, and for someone like me who is quite new to the weight lifting world – I’ve got a long road ahead of me.  I will begin a new routine this week though, where I will split my leg work outs into two days, instead of just one.  It is in this area (legs) that I need the most work, and I dare say the majority of females need help here as well. I want to be able to show off SOME muscle definition in my quads and hamstrings, not to mention, better glutes than I have at the moment. If I work hard for the next 12 weeks I know I can better this region!!  I was also practicing my posing and t-walk today, and was reminded I need to book another session with my stage coach, Janet. I don’t have the routine down at all for the t-walk, then again I have really only just started practicing. Luckily I don’t have stage fright and I’m confident in heels, now I just have to be able to do all the turns and walks in my sleep! This is something that also only comes with practice -most of these girls have done it several times, and this will be my first time. Nothing like a new challenge!

Today is a rest day and I am happy it is, I feel a bit worn out from a hectic week of traveling, working out and running around. It’s important for the body to rest also, but I never thought it would be this difficult for me NOT to go to the gym. I always feel like I’m losing out on valuable time not going, but have to remind myself that in order for muscles to repair themselves an rebuild and grow, they too need their “beauty sleep”. So … today I will leave them alone – back at it tomorrow for chest and triceps! Curious to see what this week has in store and excited about the weeks ahead!

4 thoughts on “New week and 12 weeks out!

  1. Hiya! I applaud your fortitude in N’orleans- it takes a strong will and a lot of focus to stay away from Cajun/Southern Cooking (I don’t inhale cause that’s where they get you:) ). Now, it’s almost showtime and you’re trying to put weight…I know there’s a reason. What is it?

  2. I just read the Fighter Diet feed on the weight gain/muscle growth/low body fat issue…so now I understand the reason for the weight gain, but what wasn’t said is how much you are trying to put on. Did Pauline give you a number?

  3. Hey Elizabeth! I’m not trying to GAIN weight, I’m just trying not to LOSE, because chances are I will lose muscle mass as well as fat in the process, being that I’m not very big/muscular to begin with. So I’m eating more to maintain, and to feed my muscles, if that makes sense?? It’s all trial and error here, we’ll see what works!!

  4. Oh I should clarify that I AM looking to gain weight after my re-feed, but I usually go back down to my normal weight after the 2nd/3rd/4th day… which is something completely different. The re-feed is to confuse the body to not think it will live off of very low carbs/calories, etc. and thus stop the ‘furnace’ of burning calories/energy, so that I can continue to get leaner… and keep my metabolism going. Hope I cleared things up! Thanks for following me on my journey! 🙂

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