Re-Feed Day

Here are some shots of my food yesterday – had my third re-feed day since contest prep started, and devoured 4,400 calories! My menu started off with this: Big bowl of oatmeal with skim milk, a big banana and fresh strawberries. I also got this new protein powder from Gaspari – Banana Perfection – which I added too. Yum!

After my work out I had a big bowl of Newman’s own cereal with 1/2 cup of raisins, more skim milk and a fruit flavored yogurt and an apple. Then it was off to dinner – SUSHI!

I cannot have any fatty fish in the sushi like salmon or eel or tuna, so it is mostly vegetable sushi, and lean fish and shellfish like shrimp and scallops. I think I could eat 100 pieces, but stuck to 30! 🙂

After dinner we went to the movies and I even got to have a small pack of gummy bears – but after that I was “sugared out” and it was nice to return to my normal menu today. I’m not looking at re-feed day as a “cheat day” but more like a day where my body can its share of carbs and reload my glycogen storage and get ready for the next big work out. Today I’m super sleepy though so happy to have had a day off from the gym. Tomorrow another gym awaits… in New Orleans!

One thought on “Re-Feed Day

  1. Looks so yummy! Anyway, I am glad you wrote about the refeed blues a few weeks ago, cause I am there right now. I had some more carbs than usual on my refeed day and combined with my period I woke up today feeling fat and way bloated. So am trying not to freak out and will wait to see how I am tomorrow. Had a really good run, was doing sprints at 16km to 20km, so my endurance is definately improving and I wasn’t even tired after, so I am going to do another run this evening.
    I hope all goes well on your trip, I am like you. At home it is really easy to be super disciplined but any changes and I notice that I have to try twice as hard to keep inline.

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