I was announced today through the  website of the show I’m doing on September 11th, The Long Island Experience (scroll down to read a small blurb about me and my meeting with the promoter, Phil Sottile). This definitely makes it more “real” and I responded with wanting to work out harder, eat less and freak out. Quickly, my coach Pauline put me in my place, and reminded me the show is in SEPTEMBER – and it’s June 6th now! lol. So in order for me to feel better and to shed some more of the fat that I feel I have, I will up the cardio instead of slashing my calories (which are pretty low to begin with giving my activity level). I am going to add 2 more sessions per week at 30 minutes each. This should be manageable, as I feel I am not doing much cardio at the moment compared to when I was preparing for my half marathon. I have fallen in love with the stepmill now, as it’s getting my heart rate up and working my lower body harder than the treadmill, which is what I want. I also want to do some spinning classes to get some cycling mixed in. The key is to mix up the cardio, do some intervals and push myself in the 30 minutes I’ve got to “work it”!  Luckily I enjoy doing cardio as well, so I look forward to my new routine starting tomorrow!

Had a great session today where I worked my chest, triceps and shoulders. I worked in some prehab and a couple of forearm exercises as well plus two ab work outs. I love working out my abs – they are getting pretty defined now which is exciting to see! The last thing to “go” and come in is my legs – I still carry a bit of fat around my bottom/glutes and upper /inner thighs, but Pauline’s latest Butt Bible (go check it out and buy it in her shop on – so worth it!) kicked my ass and I’m still walking like an old lady today, lol. I have a feeling that if I stick to this regimen I will look pretty defined in a couple of months. Tomorrow I’m going for back and biceps – usually Sundays is my day off but I have a very hectic day on Monday all of sudden, as we just got a gig (for my own company) this Wednesday that we have to prep for, plus I have to work in the city on Monday afternoon and night.  I don’t want to complain because most people have full time jobs they have to attend to with regular, long and grueling hours every day and they STILL make time to work out, eat healthy and do well so this will be a good experience for me.  I need to be able to make the most out of every day, and practice good habits no matter how my day looks like. Having this announcement made today with very kind words from the promoter, is definitely the biggest motivator I could have gotten! I know I will have some very tough competition as all the girls entering (and competing for a pro card, nonetheless) are very conditioned with many years of experience, but for me it’s about just meeting people and getting introduced to people in the industry.  No doubt will this stimulate me even further to push myself and my body to go places I never thought possible – I can see it already and hoping for more progress over the next three months! I hope to post some pictures of myself next week – in the mean time, here’s a video of one of the exercises from the butt bible, wide stance lunge with (too light!) dumbbells 🙂

2 thoughts on “Announcement!

  1. Wow; very cool reading about you Sunny!!!!!! That is awesome!!!!!
    Looking good! Way to stay focused, determined and dedicated; you have what it takes……….!!!

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