It’s Official!

So it’s a done deal – I’ve officially signed up for my first figure competition!!  My first show will take place on September 11th in Port Washington, NY and is called The Long Island Experience. I will enter two classes; Women’s Figure and Best Body. I met with the promoter, Phil Sottile, yesterday in Long Island, and got a very warm welcome as I became a member of the INBF. I am still interested in also joining the NPC, another organization, which is considered the ‘top’ federation in the industry but they don’t have any shows in the NY area around the times I want to compete. So for now, it is INBF – which is also great because they are both natural body building shows.  I got very positive feedback from Phil – he thought I had a big presence and will do well and get some attention on stage (also because of my height), and although I may not be as hard as the other girls with more experience, I hope to still be able to gain some muscle before the show.  I have some shoulder issues and “wings” on my back (meaning I’m a bit bony and not enough muscle developments surrounding my shoulder blades), so there are a few weak areas I need to focus on. I can see I’ve started to change though – after my refeed yesterday I started seeing new veins popping out of my calves and lower thigh area, very cool! 🙂 Phil did mention I look very vascular for the short period I’ve been lifting, so it all sounds promising. It’s always good to have an objective eye, although I have always said I’m doing this for myself and my own satisfaction, not to please anybody else or to look a certain way to “fit” into a system. I am constantly correcting my way of thinking when I get too wrapped up in other people’s opinions, because when you are being gawked at and judged like cattle, it’s hard sometimes not to take every little detail to heart. This is when I have to remember that everyone is critiquing because that is what they do, and hopefully they do it to help you improve, not to hurt your feelings!  In conclusion, although I had to drive 2 1/2 hours each way for this meeting, it was really worth it and I feel my dream is becoming more and more ‘real’, particularly after yesterday!  Today I spoke with a woman who will design my suit – I think I have decided on a turquoise color, although I am also looking at an emerald green one. The woman will custom design one for me and hope to meet her at the end of the month.  Tanning, make-up and hair has been booked, and I now have to start really practicing my routine and T-walk on stage in the fantastically high competition heels I purchased a few weeks ago 🙂

More importantly, I’ve got to tighten up my diet – I am 14 weeks out and now is the time to really get strict. I have allowed myself a couple of glasses of wine this week, but that’s it – after this week I’m on the wagon, baby!  Not drinking has actually not been as difficult as I feared it would be – I in fact don’t like the ‘dried out’ feeling I have the next day after only a glass or two. My body can really feel the difference, and I prefer to go without at least while I prepare for my competition.

Tomorrow I will work calves and forearms at the gym, I had a slight mishap the other day while doing deadlifts and felt a ‘glitch’ in my back, which I’m still feeling a bit but luckily it’s not getting worse, so just have to monitor it and make sure it’s all ok before I hit back and biceps on Sunday. I leave you with a boring clip of me doing seated calf raises!

2 thoughts on “It’s Official!

  1. A BIG HUG to you via cyberspace! I think this is a wonderful climax to this past year’s transformation. This ongoing journey is all about YOU… no one but YOU can cut/shred/shape your body. YOU have to sweat it out. YOU have to lift. YOU have to put the wine away… It was worth those five hours on the road to get the feedback just so that YOU can make your physique even better…

    As for all of the chatter, both positive and negative, sometimes it’s just counterproductive – making you lose focus. I just finished reading Ava Cowan’s blog, and it reminded me to “enjoy the process.” When we first start something there’s always the bloom of expectation and the excitement of what could be, and then…Though difficult I think it’s important to actively reach for that joy, to pinch yourself that this is REAL- YOU ARE GOING TO BE ON STAGE IN 14 WEEKS SHOWING THE BEST BODY YOU HAVE EVER HAD!

  2. Congratulations on signing up for your first figure competition!!! I am so excited for you!!!!
    I look forward to reading your posts Sunny! I cannot wait to read about your Long Island Experience on September 11th!
    Keep up the great work!!!!!!!!!

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