Week 2 of Contest Diet commences!

So I had my first official “re-feed” day on Saturday. After five days of strictly following the Fighter Diet,, which mainly consists of healthy, fiber rich foods in terms of whole grains in the morning like oatmeal and wheat bran, and loads of vegetables with a small amount of lean protein for lunch and dinner, I was allowed to “stuff” myself with carbs the 6th day. On a normal day I consume around 1800-2000 calories, and on my first re-feed day I consumed about 3100 calories. I gained 1.2 lbs overnight, apparently nothing according to my diet coach, Pauline – so on Friday I will have a new re-feed, where I get to eat 4000 calories! I must admit I like this diet! 🙂  It should be noted though that I do not consume any unhealthy foods (and yes, pizza and chocolate fall in that category), but rather carbs and sugar ONLY, no fat can be combined with carbs. So fruit based yogurts, caramel rice cakes, cereal, sushi, oh and I am allowed fat free frozen yogurt if I want to have that, although I didn’t 🙂 But just as much as I look forward to being able to eat more carbs, I also look forward to the ‘regular days’ where my diet is more modest in calories (but not volume!). More than anything, I feel such a relief because this is a diet I can honestly live with for the rest of my life. There is a tremendous feeling of knowing that everything you put in your body is nutritious and good for you and will assist you in some positive way. Before I used to go on various diets and in a way “hold my breath” until those traumatic 8-12 weeks were over, so I could start “living” again. Who was I fooling? So silly now that I look at it in hindsight.

I’m already down 0.5 lbs from yesterday from just getting back on the regular eating plan – and my body feels super tight!! It’s almost amazing how much I’ve changed overnight, and I know I’m not just imagining it. Even my trainer commented today that I look really ‘fit’ – and this afternoon I noticed veins popping out from my groin area up to my hip – how exciting! Of course, many people might think it’s odd that I get excited about veins popping out all over my body but I really find that is a great sign of a well trained body, a sign that my body is working hard!

It’s about 16 weeks until my first competition now – and this Friday I’ve made plans to go out to Long Island to see one of the promoters for one of the shows. I have a lot of people to meet and a new industry to become acquainted with, and I look forward to everything life has in store for me! Tomorrow I will begin filming some of my work outs (legs tomorrow) – so I hope to be able to post some clips on here of me doing my best to look like I know what I’m doing! hahaha…Stay tuned..

5 thoughts on “Week 2 of Contest Diet commences!

  1. I am wondering what you will eat on Monday:) I am feeling terribly guilty, we just baked chocolate oatmeal cookies. At least I went to the gym today! KIss

  2. Why are you feeling guilty?? You have kids too and home baked goods are WAY better than the over processed packaged crap you buy at the grocery store! plus you are not competing in a figure contest, so give yourself a break, lol! I will find things to eat on Monday, don’t worry about me! 🙂 Can’t wait to see you! xo

  3. You inspire me to eat better as my eating can always use improvement! I have a very difficult time at ‘that time of the month’ though. Do you find with such clean eating you don’t even have those monthly hormonal cravings? So many things going on with me at at that particular time of the month; not just the cravings of junk food. I am trying to figure out what to do about it to get ahead of it.
    I understand getting excited about the veins! 🙂
    Keep up the dedication, discipline, desire & great work!

    1. Hi Sally! Yes, of course I do experience some cravings, I get it usually a week before my period – but instead of giving in to the cravings and using that time as an ‘excuse’, I try to work on my mind and condition it not to give in to what I feel right there and then. I swear, the sentence and question “Is this going to get me closer to my goal?” really helps in my situation. That being said, the more I get into my diet now, the more I “Crave” healthy foods, or foods that are good for me, rather than “junk” like pizza, ice cream, etc. which ultimately makes me feel like shit afterwards. Those two minutes of satisfaction from digging into a big bowl of pasta, is not worth it because I feel like complete crap for hours afterwards. So every time I get that impulse, I stop to think about how I feel afterwards. Try it and see how you feel! Yesterday night I had an extra bowl of cottage cheese with cinnamon and walnuts and felt “guilty” because it fell out of my calorie range and stopped to think that it was crazy that I was thinking of this food as “cheating”! lol! 🙂

  4. The question, “is this going to get me closer to my goal?’ is a good one!
    I agree that your body craves the healthy food once you stay on track. I get off track once a month & it is so “%$#@^&*!” frustrating! You are so correct about junk food though; it really does make you feel horrible; almost sick.
    Thanks Sunny! I will incorporate the above question in my daily life.

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