Passion, Pride and Purpose

I am so happy that my shoulder is slowly getting better, and I’ve found a new motivation to keep pushing in the gym!! I had a great upper body session today in an undisturbed environment in the gym, I guess most people in my area don’t prioritize working out on a Sunday afternoon (note to self!). The more difficult it is to see measurable results from week to week, due to less fat I have to lose, the harder it gets to keep at it sometimes and realize why I’m doing what I’m doing. Of course, I love working out and the feeling it gives me, but there are some days where I’d rather just remain in bed and watch Lifetime all day and eat pizza and ice cream. Yes, I said it! That sensation is only temporary however, and it is only a FEELING. How I choose to react to these feelings, is what is going to make me a success and get me closer to my goals. I am no longer giving that much power to my feelings, but I allow myself to have them and that’s ok. We are all human and these thoughts are bound to pop up in our heads from time to time.  As for me, when I manage to overcome these feelings without acting on them, I get a sense of pride and know that choosing healthy alternatives is what makes me the happiest.

Another issue is how we prioritize things in our life. How many Monday mornings have you not thought to yourself “ugh, start of a new week – I really don’t feel like going to work”? But you still go, don’t you? Because you ‘have to’. Well – why don’t we think the same way about working out? Why do we allow ourselves to make a choice in that matter? It’s not like we couldn’t use a good training session, it helps keep us healthy and strong, not to mention get us in a good mood. That is worth a lot, no?  As I tell myself and anyone who will listen, you will never regret going to the gym, but you will always regret not going. Keep that in mind the next time you are re-considering putting those running shoes on…

I weighed in yesterday at 137.6 – up about 1.5 lbs from last week, but I’ve never felt so ripped, tight and fit as I am now, so I’ve decided to not put that much importance to the scale all the time. True, it is one indicator of how you are doing and shouldn’t be ignored completely, but I will also use the scale in conjunction with body fat calipers and my measuring tape.  Some days I am bloated due to excessive intake of water filled vegetables or carbs, other days I may be dehydrated and may weigh less, etc. But the body fat measurement never lies, and now that I’m in the process of gaining some muscle, I suppose I can’t avoid gaining some weight here and there. I’m happy about that as long as it’s not FAT I’m gaining. I am going to buy the Accumeasure body fat calipers online, they are quite accurate I’ve heard, and cost only $6. As soon as I get them I will measure myself and post the measurements on here.  I will just think of this lady every time I am tempted to snack or not get that extra cardio session in:

My “ab hero” Ava Cowan of Gaspari Nutrition. Speaking of abs, I know I have gained a very strong core these past six months, now I only have to shed some of that poundage that is lying on top of the abs so I can also get a semi decent look! Abs is 80% diet and of course… cardio.  With that in mind, I look forward to a nice, long run tomorrow morning to start off the week! Happy training everyone!

2 thoughts on “Passion, Pride and Purpose

  1. Great post Sunny! It gave me the “boost” I needed. And got me back on the yoga mat! Great start to the week.

  2. Thanks Gerry! We all need a “boost” every so often, I’m glad I was the one who got you on the yoga mat this time – hope you had a great session and wishing you a wonderful week! xxo

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