Dinners for 3 days

Like I’ve said before, there’s no reason to think you need to eat “rabbit food” just because you are eating healthy and watching your diet. I require, unlike a lot body builders and figure competitors out there, a very varied diet and with the exception of some lunches here and there, rarely eat the same thing day in and day out. Many fitness buffs swear by eating the same thing every day for weeks and months at a time, because it helps curb their ‘cravings’ and the routine mellows out the hunger pangs because the mind knows what is in store and what meals to expect. In a way, it’s “lowering your expectations” and eating for fuel only. Well, being in the food and wine industry, that sort of goes against what I believe in and enjoy, so I try my best to make healthy, balanced, low fat and high protein meals that I can enjoy with my husband, friends and family on a regular basis. Below is a sample of my last three dinners: Saturday we had halibut with an asparagus mash, mushrooms and a serrano broth. The serrano broth we made from leftover bones from a serrano ham we used for a Spanish party we catered, and it gives a lot of flavor to the dish without a ton of fat!

Sunday we had lamb for Easter- my husband grilled lamb racks (delicious!) and we grilled a bunch of vegetables such as asparagus, peppers, onions and mushrooms, served with a side of herbed quinoa. I included a couple of extra pictures of the lamb because I thought it looked so beautiful, perfectly cooked, just the way I like it. I don’t allow myself lamb as often as I’d like to, because it’s a bit higher in fat than the traditional chicken/turkey/bison/fish protein I normally eat, but it certainly is a healthier alternative than many other meats and cuts out there.

Finally, last night we made delicious pork chops in a Syrian spice rub (bought from Kalustyan’s spice market in Manhattan) topped with a chipotle spiced, fire roasted tomato stew, served with grilled asparagus, sauteed spinach and garlic and polenta. We use non fat milk and parmesan cheese in the polenta – which makes for a low fat version of this side dish (no butter!).

What will you be making for dinner tonight?

2 thoughts on “Dinners for 3 days

  1. Sunny! Glad to see you back in action. Your meals look delicious- do you plan your dinners in advance or are you more spontaneous? I have a few hours on Sunday when I feel especially creative and will make a few things for myself to mix and match throughout the week with minimal additional preparation.
    I am especially happy with these turkey and mushroom meatballs I made this week, and the meal that made me happy included them with roasted potatoes, and broccoli. This weekend I hope to play around with them some more and incorporate lentils because I’m trying to add more protein to my diet without eating more meat. (Beans are banned from my diet for now- let’s just say I abused them by eating them everyday for a week recently… my intentions were noble- I was just trying to stay full, but really what was I thinking!)
    Have a good run this weekend!

  2. Thanks Elizabeth! I do try to plan my dinners in advance most of the time, although some days are spontaneous too, depending on what I have in the fridge. I think that if you plan your meals in advance, it’s must easier to eat correctly and save some time – what you are doing on Sundays is perfect and I tend to plan out my menu for the following week that day also. It’s even more crucial now for me, as I’ve been experimenting with different meals and macronutrients, combinations etc. This week was not so good weight wise, but I don’t think of it as failing – just figured out that one other option is not the correct one for me! Keep checking back in and keep me posted on how you are doing, those turkey and mushroom meatballs sound lovely!

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