With the latest shoulder problem I’ve been experiencing, I feel I’ve stagnated somehow in my development, or at least I feel I have not gained any muscle over the past few weeks – this is really frustrating.  The gym has never been a problem for me, I work harder and longer than most. If I am to be fair, it has been my diet that has been the major issue the last days and I need to step it up.  I am in a period where I need to advance and get more extreme both diet wise and work out wise and in the middle of experimenting on what is the best method for me and my body. I took some “status photos” tonight that I were hesitant to put up because I feel I look so soft and “blah” – but need to post them so I can keep them as a reminder that getting harder and bigger is not easy and doesn’t come automatically! I am ready for the next step in my muscular development -and look forward to seeing the sports doctor tomorrow so I can get some sort of resolve in what is going on with me.  Hoping it’s nothing serious – as I’m writing this my shoulder is aching and I have an  8 am training appointment tomorrow am, argh!! Any feedback on the pictures is greatly appreciated – and please keep in mind I’m not looking to be in ‘bikini shape’ – I need more definition!!

4 thoughts on “Progress?

  1. Sunny, I know you don’t want to hear this but based on what you are saying on how you feel, you might have slightly overdone it and your body is reacting due to that. Would explain your soreness, blahness, lack of results. Google overtraining and checkout the symptoms there are three stages. I was in the chronic stage and took me over a year to recover, it was awful, I couldn’t get through an 8 hour work day would come home and be unable to move. I couldn’t figure out what was wrong especially as I just had been on top and done a bunch of marathons etc. It felt like it came out of no where. Also, don’t rely on your doc to diagnose you, I went to several, no one had a clue until dad talked to his friend who is the head cardiologist in Finland who right away figured I had over done things. Also a very nasty side effect among many in overtraining, your body starts hording fat, and turns everything into it, I suddenly had a cellulite in places that made no sense and nor did I gain weight at the time. Even if you aren over trained it would be good to read up on it so you can avoid it.
    PS. your tummy is showing way more definition.

  2. Thanks Mikaela! A lot of what you are saying makes sense, and I think I may have overdone it a bit through my first challenge and all. That being said, I am having a hard time distinguishing between when to take a break and when to push harder – I’m sure you know what I”m talking about! The last thing I want to be is a ‘whimp’ – SO not my nature! LOL! But I guess this journey is all about getting to know your own body, when to keep going and when to slow down or take a little break, right? Apparently this doctor that I’m going to is not the kind that will prescribe “2 weeks of rest” and give you some pills, he is a very good sports medicine doctor that will let you keep training as much as possible whenever possible.
    That being said, won’t rely on just a doctor to tell me what’s up, I am too stubborn for that 🙂 Thanks for your input Mikaela and glad to hear your feedback, much appreciated! xoxo

  3. First of all, if there were a picture of me next to you there’d be no question which one of us is soft! So silly!
    I’ve been looking at photos from the most recent bodybuilding, figure, and bikini competition in San Diego, and while you’re not as cut as some of the women competitors I’d say you’re on your way. Cut yourself some slack, Sunny, you’ve made remarkable progress in less than a year. In your mind’s eye of course there is an image of where you want to be, but patience Grasshopper…

  4. Thanks Elizabeth! Of course one also has to remember – when people are tanned and with the right lightening, they look a LOT more cut also because the lines around the muscles show more, and I’m paler than pale right now fiddling around with my cheap, old amateur camera…. not that I’m making excuses about my physique, you are right – I’ve made a lot of progress, considering I started lifting only 5 months ago. I had a good chat with my trainer today who reminded me that I am not going to see major changes every week now that I’m at the level I am – it will take patience, like you said, and some changes only I can see (not visible to the average person because they obsess much less than I do!), etc. Thanks for the comment and support, I feel better today and not so defeated – I guess in life there are hills and valleys and I’m back up to the hill soon! 🙂

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