Lower body Time

As I’m experiencing some pain in my clavicle/shoulder area at the moment, I’m taking a few days off from working my upper body, and although upper body is on the agenda with my fabulous trainer, Cynthia, tomorrow morning – I asked her to do lower body tomorrow instead so I can give my area of pain a bit more rest. Luckily it does seem to be getting better.  I’m not sure what happened and why I hurt myself… I suppose when weight lifting – and lifting heavy as I do – and being relatively new at it, I will have to go through trial and error with certain movements, exercises, routines and such.  As I am getting more into lifting and I see my body developing, I can’t help but notice that I do in fact need to focus on my lower body more. I was never really worried about my thighs – I’ve always been proportionate and not “bottom heavy”, neither am I bothered by “chicken legs”, but always had decent shape. Now what I used to think was “decent” is no longer so in my book, so I have been working on some really heavy squats – in fact tomorrow I will probably do 145 lbs squats which is more than my body weight, very exciting! Additionally I have started seeing some more definition in my glutes, but I have ways to go so will focus on this as well.

I found this very interesting article online through one of my FB groups, check it out, and maybe it will change your opinion of not only your own body and workout methods and thoughts, but also of others!

Lean Proportions.

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