Check-in and week ahead

Peeking back in after a hectic week work wise, boy the past few days have really kicked my butt!  I really got a proper taste of how difficult it can be to pair a healthy lifestyle with a crazy work schedule, particularly one that involves food, wine and spirits! But each and every day teaches me something new and I gain more knowledge and strength to keep up both my lifestyles and I’m getting better at pairing them up. Feeling more and more like superwoman every day! haha..

I took some photos on Friday of my ab developments as of late – which is really encouraging in the sense that I can really notice the difference in my body. These photos don’t really do it justice as I’m a crap photographer, however, I’m now seeing clear lines on each side of the abdomen, the six pack is slowly appearing, and the veins from the groin area are now starting to pop up – so exciting! I just love the whole process of “sculpting” your body, and fine tuning every region, it’s like painting a picture but using your muscles 🙂 (and I’ve never been a good artist in the sense of a sketch artist/painter so thank God I found something else!).  The recent progress has motivated me to improve my diet even more – and I’m challenging myself to one week of ‘no snacks at night’ after dinner this coming week, which is when I tend to lack the most control. I know that I can still get leaner, but my body seems really comfortable at around 135 lbs – which is what the scale showed this morning, by the way.  I’m happy that I’m maintaining while still building muscle, which could mean I’m still losing body fat.  I ordered the P90X training program as well as their latest “Intensity” work out (which focuses more on cardio) and I would like to test that out in the coming weeks too. More immediately, I will concentrate more on running up to my half marathon next month. It’s always good to have goals and visions, so I am trying to take one day at a time, maximizing my gym sessions and continuing to learn how my body reacts to various work outs. Looking forward to a new week!

2 thoughts on “Check-in and week ahead

  1. Nice Sunny!
    You make me miss the gym so bad! I loved the gym at USF and doing both cardio and weights. I wish there was a decent gym here, especially for times like right now when I can’t run due to my knee.

  2. Mikaela – hang in there, you will get back to it! Just practice a bit of patience for a short time so you are not out of commission for a LONG time!! Wishing you a speedy recovery xxx

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