At the gym!

Thought I would post a few pictures of me at the gym today – today was lower body work out with my fabulous trainer Cynthia, who took the shots. I normally start with squats, and I am happy to report a personal record today, as I am squatting my body weight = 135 lbs!  I did 12 reps  x 3 sets.  Additionally I worked shoulders – one exercise pictures was on the bosu ball with 12.5 lb weights (flys) and I also did 60 lbs pulldowns to work the back. Stabilizing on a bosu / ball is great as it engages all the muscles in your body, especially your core, so you are always working more than one body part.  I did very little cardio today – just 20 min on the treadmill (6.0 mph) as I am going for a long run tomorrow, in training for the half marathon I registered for, which is taking place in Central Park at the end of next month! The weather is gorgeous this weekend so I will be practicing outside – 12 miles will be my goal!  Here I am at my gym – NYSC in Carmel:

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