Action, Progress, Success!

I am feeling incredible this week -both physically and mentally at the gym, at home and work. I love it when that happens! I am having some really great progress at the gym – I’m able to lift 85 lbs on the incline bench press now which used to be my max on the flat bench (incline is typically is harder because it hits the muscles that are located higher on your chest). Next week my goal is to do 90 lbs on the flat bench, if not 95. My trainer says she can see incredible transformations in my body and is amazed at the increase in weight I can lift – I am very happy to hear her say that because she’s a hard ass and not that easily impressed, lol. I also measured my body fat today and I’m down to 11.4%!! I have gained a couple of pounds, but in this case, most likely it is muscle gain, not fat as my body fat was 11.7% about 1 1/2 months ago. Many people use that excuse, “oh muscles weigh more than fat”, but at the end of the day a pound is a pound is a pound!! So the only way you can really tell is by measuring your body fat, as well as seeing changes in your measurements in your body (inches, how your clothes fit, your shape, and so on). I am happy to report that a size 4 is pretty loose on me now, although I am not into clothing sizes and such – I would be happy to be an 8 if it meant that my body fat stayed down.

Here’s a link to a guide that shows ranges in body fat, and you can also plug in your numbers to get a general idea of where you are. This is NOT highly accurate though, the most accurate way is to measure under water, which is called hydrostatic weighing, but these tests can be around $200. The next best way is to use body fat calipers (taken by a professional) which is what I did, and the third way is to use a scale that also has a handle and holding on to measure. According to the above chart, I only have ‘essential fat’ now, which is nice 🙂

I have also decided to go for my Personal Training Certification through NASM, which is one of the most highly respected schools in the country. I have four months to complete the studying (online/at home) then I have to take a test at one of their local centers around me. My trainer went through this school and so did most of the trainers at NYSC at the gym I go to and they are all quite happy with it. I look forward to learning more about the body and how I can maximize my training and hopefully down the line, be able to give others guidance and training sessions! Stay tuned.

I promise I will post some recipes soon of food I eat and love – I purchased a book on “Power Eating” the other day which has been very inspiring as well as reading up about Carb Cycling and will include some info on this as well. Diet is really 70% and I am still not quite there with my eating, but then again who is. Well maybe my hard core mentor, Pauline in LA. Haha. We are all human and slip ups happen, but remember: Habits take a long time to break, new routines need time to become a part of your life. Just stick with it and you will feel fantastic!!

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