Today’s booster

“The purest intentions, the finest sense of devotion, the noblest spiritual
aspirations are fatuous when not realized in action.”
– Abraham Joshua Heschel

The moment of truth

You’ve persevered through the dark, difficult times. You’ve taken each
challenge in stride and overcome countless obstacles along the way.

And just when you’re beginning to turn the corner, just when it looks like
it’s all starting to go your way, a huge setback comes along and knocks you
down. Just when things are starting to go well after a long and difficult
effort, the momentum is suddenly snatched away from you.

That is when it is most important to not give up, to keep on going. Pick
yourself up, no matter how discouraged you may be. Now is your opportunity
to cross the threshold into a realm where success is virtually assured.

You were so close and then the world beat you back yet again. Find a way to
keep on going. It is indeed a moment of truth. When you can pick yourself
back up, weary though you may be, and get back in the game, at that moment
you’ll know with absolute certainty that nothing can stop you, that nothing
can keep you down.

What would you attempt if you knew you could not be stopped? Keep going, no
matter what, and you’ll reach truly magnificent heights in whatever you
choose to undertake.

By Ralph S. Marston, GHF’s Motivational Writer

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