Fitness Check, Back and Scary Muscles

Lately I’ve received many passionate comments and opinions about female body builders. Unless you are a fan of or competitor in this sport, it is difficult to understand for some, as most people’s general idea of ‘beauty’ is a skinny, size 0 model with absolutely no muscle tone. One that looks ‘waif’ and defenseless but oh so feminine. Or maybe not? Most of the top models on the runway have no shape whatsoever, and this is why they are mannequins I suppose, but can also remind of young, prepubescent boys. Well that is my opinion.  It does take willpower to only eat a couple of blueberries a day. It also takes willpower to be a strong, muscular female bodybuilder in addition to amazing knowledge about the body and how to keep building it in a healthy way. Sure, there are women who take steroids, as there are men, but natural bodybuilding takes great discipline and hard work, something I’ve always admired in people. I think that muscles on women scares the majority, because we are not supposed to look like that, right? Men might find it threatening too, although recently I’ve certainly gained some fans at the gym because I am not the traditional gal waiving her 2 lbs barbells around without purpose. I can bench press with the best of them and while I still have a long way to go, I am not going to stop lifting heavier just because society feels I should look a certain way. I am healthy, strong and have more energy than ever before, so pardon me while I just continue on this amazing journey of discovering how much my body can do! Here’s a photo of me today, March 1. Check back in 10 weeks and I hope to have an even bigger SCARIER back!! Whoa, ooooh… I must be ‘brainwashed’ and obsessed…. indeed!

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