Improvement and Check-In

Had a great training session at the gym this morning and slowly but surely I can see more improvements in my weights and noticing I’m getting much stronger – from my arms to my core, legs to my back. I am now able to do 2 full wide grip pull ups (hallelujah) and going much lower on the close grip pull ups, hence not ‘cheating’ so much anymore but really feeling that great burn from the exercise.
Today I also comfortably did 80 lbs (3 sets X 8 reps) on the flat bench press and 30 lbs flat pullovers, and 65 lbs bicep curl on the machine which was more than my trainer comfortably could do, so that made me feel good! I don’t think these numbers are that impressive, don’t get me wrong but I’m making steady progress from week to week so I know I’ve got it in me to lift a lot heavier in the next few weeks. I’ve got about 10 weeks or so – I am eating about 2000 calories per day (give or take a couple of hundred) which is a lot more than I ate the past few months but I’m struggling with sugar /snack craving at night that I’m trying to curb.  I am really trying to eat to work out – not working out to eat anymore, and thinking about everything that goes into my body, and how it can assist me in improving my form.  I also ordered the “Insanity” DVDs from to try and mix up my cardio and really challenge myself on the cardiovascular level – I believe it’s important to both take care of muscle development AND improving my stamina and conditioning.

More to come later…

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