New Challenge, New Goals

After having completed my first 12 week challenge, I felt sort of empty afterwards, while still motivated and charged. NOW what? I could clearly see that I could improve in many areas of my body, and so I started thinking of my next ‘step’. I spoke with my trainer about the importance of always having a goal to strive towards, and she confided in me that she, after over 25 years of lifting weights and running, always is focusing on the next half marathon or the next fitness challenge. Clearly we are two peas in a pod, so she agreed to start another challenge with me. We met yesterday, and measured my “beginning” weights as a reference point and my goal is to obviously increase these by a good number. Here’s how I did on February 16, 2010:

1. Wide grip pull ups:  1 1/2

2.  Close grip pull ups: 6 (granted I was tired after having done other work outs, I can do 7 or 8 at least)

3.  Bench press one rep max:   95 lbs

4. Bench press 10 rep max:  80 lbs

5.  Weighted squats, 1 rep max:  135 lbs

6. Weighted squats, 10 rep max: 125 lbs (which leads me to believe I could do more on the 1 rep max..)

That’s it for now – my goal is to do 5 wide grip pull ups by myself in 12 weeks, as well as 10-12 deep/low close grip pull ups and up my bench press and leg squats by 20 lbs each. We’ll see how I do… I am definitely pumped and ready to kick ass!

Supplementing with BCAAs, protein powder and glutamine for now in addition to my regular vitamins (multi vitamin, folic acid, fish oil and a calcium/magnesium/zinc supplement) but more focusing on eating a healthy, nutritious and balanced diet. I am drinking wine only once or twice a week now – a huge difference from my past life where I downed about a bottle  a night (and hence, gained 30 lbs). Lots of changes, but all for the better! Keep checking back – I will be measuring my body fat in a couple of weeks, and I need to stay on my weight to make sure I don’t gain (but not lose either) but stay lean, mean and help the body continue to build those muscles!  To keep me motivated, photos of my mentor and idol, Pauline Nordin, below:

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