Energy is back!

I am happy to report that I felt really strong today at the gym and ready to tackle those weights! I started with my new challenge: wide grip pull ups. Most guys can’t even seem to do this move, as it really focuses on the latissimus dorsi muscles which are huge muscles but very rarely used actively (they are frequently used by for instance rock climbers). I am trying to focus on my upper latissimus dorsi muscles, so the back muscles really need to work as opposed to the biceps which can assist you if you’re doing close grip pull ups.  This move will help get that “V”- look from your shoulders down to your waist. Luckily my trainer was there running and she came over to assist me, as right now I can only really do ONE by myself. I am using the assist machine but I don’t really believe they will make you stronger.  By the summer I hope to do at least 6 or 7 wide grip pull ups on my own. Watch out:)  I worked upper body today, chest, back, biceps and triceps as well as abs. Since I’ve been having trouble with my shoulder, I did not do my regular bench press (doing 85 lbs at the moment), so I used 30 lbs dumbbells which seemed to be a good substitute as they are more movable and adjustable.70 lb press downs and regular push ups and concentration curls (20 lbs dumbbells) as well as incline chest flys (22.5 lbs dumbbells).

Below is my form as of last night, Feb 7th – I particularly like the last tricep shot, I can see the muscles pop out, as well as a lot more veins around my body – pretty cool!

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