Re-feed day

Today marks the last day of my 1 week trial of the “Fighter Diet”. I’m happy to report a 1.4 lbs loss – so I must deem the week a success, although deep down I had hoped for a larger loss. I just felt I sacrificed so much and went beyond what I’ve ever done.  What I must remember, is that my body does not want to shed any more weight right now, unless I go EXTREME.  And by eating cabbage and calorie free noodles day in and day out for a week, well that is pretty extreme to me on the dietary side. However… I DID take two days off from the gym this week (unprecedented since I started my weight loss journey in July of 2009) because I had, as many of you may have read, experienced somewhat of a burn out and was afraid of what that would do to my regimen. I am getting much better at listening to my body while still not giving myself any excuses for not going to the gym on days that I feel down and ask myself “why am I doing this?” . I am currently reading Tom Venuto’s book “The Body Fat Solution – 5 Principles for Burning Fat, Building Lean Muscle, Ending Emotional Eating and Maintaining Your Perfect Weight”. This is an excellent book when it comes to understanding your beliefs, values and habits and how you can change them to pretty much do whatever you want to do, whether it’s weight loss, a career change, relationships, etc. Go buy it now!

I have my re-feed day today, coincidentally on the same day as I ran 10 miles and burned over 1,000 calories, perfect!  I am going to be on a surplus calorie wise regardless today, as I decided to indulge in wine for the first time in 6 days – yes, that must be a record for me! As many of you know, I’m in the wine industry and consume wine on a daily basis, so I must say that is one of my biggest sacrifices /challenges. But it’s amazing what you can tell your mind to do or not to do! I started the morning with whole wheat buttermilk pancakes with bananas and blueberries, then went for an hour brisk walk with my puppies, followed by a 10 mile run. It was FREEZING but I layered up well (thank you, Under Armour) and was as suspected, sweating by the end. Then I had a protein shake with flax seed and frozen berries right as I returned from my run, followed by one of my favorite lunches; Ezekiel bread topped with hummus, kalamata olives and cucumbers, and nonfat cottage cheese with cinnamon and walnuts. Then on to some caramel rice cakes and cashew and almond nuts, trying to eat as many carbs as possible. Superbowl is a reason to drink (Yes!) so I’ve just opened a bottle of Rioja-  I’ve included a photo of it below. My dinner will be an eye of round with sauteed baby bok choy and cabbage in a sweet and sour marinade and a sweet potato. Carbs, yay!!!  Then I’m actually going to have dessert in the form of a fat free chocolate ice cream – churn style, my favorite. I’m topping the 3,000 calorie mark tonight, which I don’t think I’ve done in half a year, but today I’m just overdoing it so I can continue onwards with my lean and nutrient dense nutrition program. I need to shock my body after experiencing a week with less than normal fat and carbs, so it doesn’t shut down and go into “starvation mode”, i.e. stop burning fat and calories. This way, today it’s going to tell me “what the hell? I’ve been existing on 1400 cals per day, and now I’m getting more than twice than that? I better get rid of that energy quick!” Yes, please do so- body of Sunny!  The road to getting ripped is getting closer, I can feel it!

I decided to add a photo of my dinner from last night – my husband brought back some delicious king salmon, and we sauteed some bok choy/cabbage, and also added some roasted broccoli.   Healthy and yummy!  I also have posted a photo of the supplements and vitamins I take on a daily basis – all natural of course, and what I believe will assist me in keeping a healthy body as well as helping me replenish nutrients directly to muscle growth so I can gain as much strength as possible without injuries. I didn’t include my BCAA (branch chain amino acids) which are vital to my daily routine, I take 6-7 capsules right before and immediately after my workouts.

Tomorrow is a new week and new possibilities – I’m beginning the week with upper body and wide grip pull ups on my own. I did one on my own last week (I do 9-10 close grip on my own now but need to focus on back, not biceps) and by God in 3 months I’m going to do five of those on my own! Goals are always good to have, people! Happy training!

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