Healthy AND delicious (looking) ?

My husband complained to me the other day that the photos of the dinner dishes in my previous post looked really unappetizing and that nobody would want to eat healthy food after looking at them. LOL. So in his honor, I’m posting another photo below of yes, a HEALTHY dish, that he in fact plated (because he’s talented that way and makes anything look good on a plate) to prove to everyone that low calorie, low fat, nutritional and whole some food can in fact look impressive and delicious! This is grilled chicken with smoked paprika, fennel and chickpeas. We had it last week and my mouth is still watering thinking about it! I am also posting a photo of the stir fry from the diet I’ve been on this week ; I’m on Day 3 of the Fighter Diet, which pretty much consists of the same thing day in and day out and is definitely not something that I will be on for longer than a week at a time, but a great way to kick start your weight loss or if you just have those last few lbs to lose. I eat oatmeal with wheat bran and flax seed for breakfast with a small egg white omelet for breakfast, then a stir fry for both lunch and dinner that consists of TONS of shredded cabbage/broccoli slaw, mushrooms, peppers, shirataki noodles and either shrimp or chicken. I mix it up with Swedish style spicy brown mustard, some onion powder and herbs. I also have a new favorite snack – non fat cottage cheese with cocoa powder, stevia and a tablespoon of crushed walnuts. I have that for my afternoon snack. Then at night, I can eat 8 egg whites and one whole egg too, but at that point I’m so damn full I can’t stand the though of food. So the Fighter Diet is definitely for hungry chicks (and I am one of them) and fills you up on lots of fibrous foods and veggies filled with water.  In a day I only consume about 1500 calories, which is really low for me as I tend to burn about 800-1000 calories per day working out. But this is all part of experimenting. I have my ‘re-feed’ day on Sunday, when I am allowed to eat twice as many calories and more carbs, and even sushi! I will be reporting back on Saturday as to whether or not my weight has gone down. Body builders tend to eat the same thing over and over, and repeat their same routines a lot, I am definitely a bit different there – I like to mix things up (especially in the food arena!) and experiment with different options so as to not get bored. But that is what this journey is all about – getting to know yourself better, what works best for MY body and what I can live comfortably with while still getting bigger muscles AND maintaining a healthy lifestyle! Happy eating everyone!

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