First Fitness Challenge Completed!

Earlier this week I completed my first ever fitness challenge – through Global Fitness online.  I had to complete a before and after weigh-in, including body fat percentage, as well as a strength test that included bench press and leg press.  After 12 weeks I lost 12 lbs o body weight, almost 8% body fat and increased my leg press by 100 lbs as well as increased my upper body strength significantly.  I worked out with a personal trainer twice a week (which I still do), and repeated our work outs an additional two times per week on my own and stuck to this regimen religiously throughout the 12 weeks. I also followed Jillian Michaels’ online diet of about 1500 calories per day (plus/minus a few glasses of wine here and there!). The diet consisted of, and still consists of whole grains, lots of vegetables and lean proteins such as cod, salmon, chicken, turkey and bison.

Regardless of whether I win or not, I feel like I’ve won already because I’ve gotten my body back after year of gaining weight and being miserable. I’ve posted some of the after photos and I will study these and see where I can improve and what area of my body I should focus on next (among others my back!).

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